Be Who You Want To Be Today




When I moved into my house almost two and a half years ago, I fell in love withe the outside area. South African weather is so perfect, so the builders really take advantage of that. The patio becomes another room for all but maybe three months of the year with long glass doors that fold back and make no distinction between inside and outside. My house has a long side patio going the length of the house, and it has blooming flowers and green grass all year long. A couch, two chairs, and a dining table for 8 people see lots of traffic throughout the year. But there is a second patio the width of the house off the kitchen. When I moved in, I set up a beautiful round table with a glass top and four comfortable chairs and told myself I would use it everyday for my breakfast table. In two and a half years I haven’t used it once.

It’s something I wanted to do, something I pictured. I envisioned myself sitting at my table enjoying a fragrant Rooibos tea with hot milk while communing with the birds chirping all around me. You see, I wanted to be the kind of woman who likes waking up early, who has time in the morning to enjoy a pot of tea, who slows down to listen to the birds. During the pandemic, I had the time and I didn’t have to wake up early, but it was Winter in South Africa and way too cold to sit outside (yes it gets cold in SA in the winter!).

But my daughter started school in person a few weeks ago and it’s Spring in South Africa. I get up between 5:30am and 6:00am (depending on how many times I hit snooze). If I have a busy day, I need to shower and get ready, feed the dog, make sure my daughter is up, fed, dressed, and prepared for the day before we get in the car at 7:00. It’s hard to  take the time to sit outside and enjoy a pot of tea, even when the sun is shining and the patio is calling.

But I want to be that woman. And I know if I want to be that woman, I need to be her starting now. That old saying…fake it until you make it. Kinda that except different. This is who I want to be. A woman who enjoys tea in the morning. A woman who slows her pace to enjoy the simple joys of life. A woman who makes a pot of tea and reads a good book.



I did it. I took my daughter to school, and I came back with tea on my mind. Rooibos tea and hot milk. With a book on Kindle. Good morning to me. Be who you want to be today.

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