What do I need to know about Re-evaluating My Life™?

It is a tested program facilitated by an experienced, caring consultant who will help you identify and explore your priorities, discover your motivation and joy, and understand your self-worth by re-evaluating your values and goals.

Mona Brantley is a consultant who has worked for over six years as an organizer providing real solutions to her clients’ challenges. She recently became a Certified Virtual Organizer based in Johannesburg, South Africa and uses these skills to guide you through the re-evaluation process.

Her clients are motivated and ready for a change. They are comfortable using basic technology, nothing fancy required!

Because this type of consulting is usually done in shorter sessions of one hour to two hours, it is easier to schedule around your need. Ideally, we would meet once a week for 6 weeks, but that will be decided as part of your individual plan.

The re-evaluation process is perfectly suited for anyone who is at a crossroads in their life and needs to make decisions. We will work through the six steps together to determine the best goals for this stage of your life.

  • During the covid-19 scare, you can still work virtually with a professional organizer and consultant without having to worry about risk of exposure or masks.

  • You get to work with the experienced and trained professional organizer and consultant who created the 6-step re-evaluation.

  • Virtual sessions are usually shorter than hands-on so you can schedule the meetings and follow-up as it suits your life.

  • Your privacy is highly valued. You only share with us what you think is relevant and what you are willing to share .

  • You will be held accountable for follow-up work and meetings.

  • Determination and an open mind
  • A computer, tablet, or smart phone that takes pictures and is connected to the Internet.
  • A good Internet connection
  • Email address
  • Zoom (download free here: https://zoom.us)
  • We can discuss other ways to communicate if you don’t use zoom.

How do we get started?

We schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting to discuss the reevaluation process and your goals. If we agree that it is a good fit for you, we schedule a one or two hour Zoom session to start work.

After our first Zoom session, we will tweak any issues and schedule more sessions at your convenience.

We work until the process is accomplished. We celebrate your success and then move to a maintenance stage for follow up.

Re-evaluating My Life™ Rates

Packages can be bought in advance and must be used within 6 months.

This package includes 6 Zoom sessions ranging from 1 hour to 1½ hours each (minimum of 6 hours, maximum of 9 hours). We will work on the Re-evaluating My Life™ process together one step at a time.

Also included:

Unlimited email correspondence with Mona

Access to a private Facebook group

This package includes 6 Zoom sessions, 30 minutes each (3 hours total). You will be given each step of the Re-evaluation of My Life™ in advance of our meeting so you can come prepared to discuss at your next session.

Also included:

Unlimited email correspondence with Mona

Access to a private Facebook group

This package includes 6 Zoom sessions, 30 minutes each (3 hours total). These sessions are to discuss your goal work and hold you accountable for the action plan we created during the Re-evaluation of My Life.™

Also included:

Access to a private Facebook group

This is a download-only option; however, e-mails sent to Mona will be answered. The maintenance package may be purchased and used with this option.

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