New Year, No Anxiety

The New Year is fast approaching. I’m not sure if I should open both arms and greet 2022 with excitement or run as fast as I can in the other direction. But the other direction includes 2020, so I think I’ll jut wait to see what the New Year brings.Selective Focus Photography of Spark

What I do NOT want 2022 to bring to me or to you is anxiety. Anxiety over new resolutions to eat healthier, walk more, argue less, not dive into a bag full of peanut butter cups once a month. Anxiety over promises to lose weight, save money, and learn to play guitar (that one pops up every few years for me).

Statistics show that only 9.2% of people who make New Year‘s resolutions actually keep them by making the changes required to accomplish their NY Goals. For most of us, we set goals that are unrealistic or that we don’t have the proper infrastructure to attain. For example, if you want to lose weight but you don’t research diet plans or food plans, you don’t join a gym or make exercise a priority, you don’t stop eating chocolate bars everyday, you won’t lose weight. Making the New Year‘s Resolutions is easy; keeping them is difficult.

Instead of resolutions that make us feel guilty when we break them, as we often do, this year, let’s resolve to BE THE BEST WE CAN BE. Nothing more, nothing less. Some days that may be setting the world on fire with your brilliance and spunk. Some days it may be barely getting off the couch to make box mac’ n’ cheese for your kids or yourself. And that’s ok. We don’t have to be superheroes every day! Or we can just all agree that surviving another day makes us all superheroes.





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