In 2009, my only child went to elementary school full-time and my days were suddenly much emptier than they had been. I wondered what I could do next. I had been a university instructor in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Iowa, but I did not want to go back to grading freshman compositions. So, I decided to re-evaluate my life, determine what would make me happy and fulfilled, and jump into a new field: professional organizing. I still remember my excitement when I realized this is something that people actually get paid to do. Talk about loving your work! You are going to pay me actual money to organize your stuff and makes schedules for you, and tell you how to cope with letting go of stuff? Sign me up! I had no idea how to start a business or how to create a logo or how to get clients. But I jumped in with both feet and got lucky. Organize That was created.

Fast forward to 2020, the world has changed; I have changed. The world is in the middle of a pandemic that has affected everything and everyone and continues to wreak havoc on our lives. I am divorced, living in South Africa with my teenage daughter, and thinking about my next move. Because of visa issues, I haven’t been able to work in SA for the past 5 years, so I really don’t know what to do going forward. Even if I could work in South Africa, I’m not interested in an organizing business here because of safety issues. I join Sheila Delson’s Virtual Organizer class and learn so much information. I become a virtual organizer ( CVO certificate )  and work with a few clients through Zoom, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

One positive about the pandemic lockdown was that if you don’t leave your home, you have more free time. So I started reconnecting with friends from high school, friends that I had always been in contact with but not in close, meaningful ways. We started talking again and I realized we were all experiencing the same discontent. In a group of four close friends in different life situations, we were experiencing an unease with our lives. Relationships, careers, personal satisfaction. We were questioning it all. Now I must add we all turned 49 in the year 2020, so, yes this could be considered a mid-life crisis brought on by the pandemic, but however you labeled it, we wanted answers. We wanted to re-evaluate our lives.

So this year, I went back to the career chalk board, and thought about our predicament and all the other people who were experiencing the same questioning and …. RE-EVALUATING. That is why I invented Re-evaluate My Life™,  a 6-step process to re-evaluate your priorities to achieve mindful goals. Through this process, I have made major life-changing decisions. Send me a message at and let’s get your changes started.

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