Travelling From a Banned Country

Recently the US and most European countries banned anyone living in South Africa from flying to the US because Covid-19 mutated itself again, and South Africa was the first country to report that Omicron was a thing. As an American passport holder living in South Africa, I watched this unfold with trepidation. One of my

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Fish Market, Swakopmund, Namibia

On a Christmas trip to Swakopmund, Namibia a few years ago, my daughter and I were woken up by shouts of men and the squawks of birds. Our hotel was just across from the National Marine Aquarium, and unknown to us, early in the morning the lot beside our hotel turned into the local fish

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Welcome to Ombazu! Ombazu is an Otjiherero word meaning “culture” and is pronounced exactly as it looks “om-bah-zoo.” Otjiherero is the language spoken by the Herero and Himba people in Namibia. Ombazu was founded in 2021 with an idea to celebrate, explore, and share the vast and diverse cultures in southern Africa. When I decided

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