How to Own Your Own Day in 3 Easy Ways

How to Own Your Own Day in Three Easy Ways

Do you ever feel like you spend your day doing the bidding of others? Your boss, your spouse, your kids? Are you too busy doing for others that you forget to do for yourself? Try these three easy additions to your day to claim back some time for yourself.

1.REWARD YOURSELF. This doesn’t have to be a new car or new diamond earrings. Rather, you can do something you enjoy doing, eat something you enjoy eating, or read something you enjoy reading. Take a few minutes out of your day to do something you want to do that is 100% for yourself.

  • Take a 15 minute walk.
  • Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.
  • Order your lunch in and get it made just the way you like, even if that means adding olives to your pizza.
  • Lock the door, pull the shades down, and dance like Beyonce to your favorite song.
  • Set your alarm for 20 minutes and get lost in a youtube rabbit hole with cute animal videos.
  • Watch one episode of your favorite Netflix show. I currently reward myself with 45 minutes of Lucifer. That accent.

2. PLAN YOUR DAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IN ADVANCE. Right, I get it. You can’t control the day if you have a baby at home. I remember when my daughter was little and a friend said “make a list of 5 things you want to accomplish tomorrow. And know you will get one done.” She was right. I also understand if your boss changes your work plans so that you have to put some fires on the back burner while others need immediate attention. But what can you plan? You can plan your outfit. You can plan your meals. You can plan your activities for the day. Knowing that plans can change doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make them. Most importantly, you can plan your attitude for the day.

3. SAY NO KINDLY AND WITH NO REGRETS. I have a beautiful and busy mom friend with three kids. Her time is sacred to her, and she is careful about how she spends it. I asked her to attend a spa-type event with me and some other ladies. In the group chat, she clearly stated “this doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy. Thank you but I’ll let someone else take my spot.” I admired this response so much and realized right then that just because I like the person asking, I don’t have to say yes if I’m not interested in the event. No lies, no over-explaining, and no guilt. If I don’t want to do what I am being asked to do, I simply decline.  Now, obviously you might not have the option to deal your boss no, but you can say no to working late, working more hours than will be compensated, or working a different job than what you were hired for. And moms, working outside the home or not, it is perfectly fine to say no to the class mom position or the PA roles! Feeling guilty is no excuse to say yes. I know we also fall into the “if I don’t do it, no one else will” trap. But someone always does; that someone doesn’t need to be you! 


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