6 Routines to Make Your Morning Better

A friend once made this bold statement, “Transformation can be achieved by adhering to a new routine for an extended period of time.” I liked this so much that I put it in my notes on my phone and pull it out when I need a little motivation for doing the same tasks for the 100th time.  Do you have a morning routine? Maybe you aren’t even aware of it. Do you automatically reach for your toothbrush when you stumble into the bathroom? Do you pause to do a little meditation after getting dressed?

Here are a few of the morning routines I always follow…

  1. Make Your Bed This is such an easy task, even if you have 200 pillows on your bed. Making your bed sets the tone for the day. First task checked off. It encourages you to keep the rest of the room cleaned up, and encourages you to move on to slightly more difficult tasks, like changing your pjs for work clothes.

2. Don’t Look at Your Phone. This is more of a no than a yes. When you first wake up in a drowsy, peaceful state, the last thing you should do is stun your eyes with a screen or jolt your brain with your to-do list or bad news. Of course you will want to look at your phone in the morning to see what happened while you were sleeping; just don’t do it right away. Give your eyes a break until they have adjusted to being awake. 

3. Open your windows and curtains. I personally like my room to be as dark as a cave deep in the earth’s interior, but it can make it difficult to get moving in the morning when you need a flashlight to make it across the room. And there is something about pulling back the black-out curtains to see what Mother Nature has in store that day. If your windows are big enough to let in lots of natural light, you could even leave the lights off in your bedroom. I find this gentle acclimation to the morning is easier on my eyes and my brain. 

4. Take care of your skin. Not only did I not wear sunscreen as a child, I actually (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!) mixed iodine and baby oil so my skin would roast nicely like a Thanksgiving turkey. The years of sunburns and sun blisters have left a toll on my face, so today one of the very first things I do in the morning is take care of my skin. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and sunscreen. Even on the days I’m staying at home out of the sun, I moisturize and sunscreen. This is a must!! 

5. Stretch, breathe, meditate. Repeat. Some people just struggle to get moving in the morning, so I’m not suggesting you should run a few miles around town (unless you want to do that!) But it is helpful to take a few minutes to stretch your arms and legs, to breathe fully into your lungs, or to calm your mind with meditation before a busy day. If you use affirmations this is a great time to make your affirmations. Headspace and Calm are two good apps for this.

6. Review Your To-Do List . If you know me at all, you know I encourage you to sort out your to-do list the night before, but it is a great idea to revise it in the morning. That doesn’t mean you should knock off things that seem less than exciting, but you may want to reorder some things, check your times, or just remember what you are meant to do that day.

Routines can be an important part of your Re-Evaluate My Life™ process. They can move your transformations forward and show real progress. For more information, e-mail mona@monabrantley.com or check out  https://monabrantley.com. 

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