In-Person or Virtual Presentations and Workshops

With the use of technology, Mona can join you in a small group setting or in a larger group. She can present in a group meeting with people on different devices or with everyone gathered in one location focused on one screen. Distance is not an issue as long as you have an Internet connection. In-person workshops can be arranged as well.

Mona combines 6 years of experience as a college instructor (where she taught students to give speeches and presentations) with years of organizing and consulting experience. Mona is comfortable in front of large corporate groups or smaller, more intimate groups. She has presented to the QC Chamber of Commerce, Gilda’s Club of the QC, the Child Abuse Council of the QC, Farm Bureau groups, Mothers of Preschoolers groups, networking groups, and many other organizations. Mona has also appeared many times on the Paula Sands Live television show in Davenport, Iowa on topics like Organizing for the Holidays and Organizing a Guest Room.

Her topics are varied, but a few examples are listed.

  • Better Time Management for Better Results
  • Using the Wheel of Life for Goal Setting
  • Using the Wheel of Life for Financial Planning
  • Organizing Your Mobile Office
  • Success for Students (focusing on students with ADD)
  • ADD and Organizing
  • Using the Wheel of Life for Future Planning
  • Work Better, Work Faster – Productivity Tips
  • Using the Wheel of Happiness
  • Using the Wheel of Stress
  • Other topics are available or a presentation or workshop series can be designed specifically for your needs.

Contact Mona at mona@monabrantley.com for rates and topics tailored to your needs.

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