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Ombazu is an Otjiherero word meaning “culture” and is pronounced exactly as it looks “om-bah-zoo.” Otjiherero is the language spoken by the Herero and Himba people in Namibia.

Ombazu was founded in 2021 with an idea to celebrate, explore, and share the vast and diverse cultures in southern Africa.

When I decided to start planning a travel company and partnering with travel companies in southern Africa, I asked a dear friend who is a Himba if she had suggestions for a business name. I wanted something that would honour the Himba and Herero people of Northwest Namibia that I have met in my many travels to Namibia. When she suggested Ombazu, I loved it immediately. The meaning is perfect, it’s easy to pronounce, it honours my beautiful Himba friends, and honestly I love words with a Zed stuck in the middle.



In 2016, I visited Namibia for the first time and was introduced to the Himba people living and working in Swakopmond. Through personal relationships, Namibia quickly became one of my favorite places to visit. In 2019, I began work on an MA in Anthropology at University of Johannesburg, researching a Himba community in Northwest Namibia. I had the thumbprint permission from the traditional authority leader of Ohungumure (to call it a village is misleading as it’s a gathering of huts surrounding a ceremonial fire), along with the Namibian research permit, and a trustworthy translator, but my work “ Individual and Communal Agency and the Voices of Himba in Ohungumure, Namibia” was interrupted with the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately my research was indefinitely put on hold.

Now I am in the process of creating a business to bring Americans who want to explore this amazing region of southern Africa. My extensive travels in South Africa and Namibia along with multiple visits to Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Lesotho give me the experience and knowledge to plan bucket-list, phenomenal trips!

Stay tuned for all the exciting opportunities and adventures that Ombazu will bring to you!

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