Welcome to Mona Brantley Consulting!

Welcome to Mona Brantley Consulting!

I worked for over 5 years as a professional organizer and consultant providing real solutions to clients’ challenges in Iowa, Illinois, Texas, and Tennessee. In 2015, I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where I travelled, volunteered, and studied at the University of Johannesburg. In 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I became a Certified Virtual Organizer to help people in transition who made career moves or who started working from home.

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Borrowing from Socrates’s idea that “an unexamined life is not worth living”, I believe that we should reexamine and re-evaluate our lives frequently to make sure our goals still align with our beliefs and values. I created Re-evaluate My Life™ just for this purpose. As we grow older, our ideas and goals could change, and a re-evaluation could help us realign our lives. Providing both focused time and accountability to my clients, I follow a strict code of confidentiality and will always respect my clients’ privacy.
Through my years as a college instructor, an organizing professional, a consultant, and an expat, I have gained firsthand knowledge needed to design individual plans for clients who are in transition. I can quickly assess the priorities and needs of my clients and help them understand where their focus and attention should be at the moment.
Contact me at mona@monabrantley.com for more information on YOUR re-evaluation process.

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