Three Starter Tips to Doing The Holidays Your Way


This holiday season from November to January, no matter what your religious beliefs or what country you live in, will look and feel different than previous holidays. Covid’s world-wide impact has many people disappointed, depressed, and even just confused about what to do. My three simple tips will help you get off to a smoother start.

  • Unsubscribe from your email lists unless you want lots of advertising. This year, on-line shopping will go through the roof. With less people in stores, the stores are coming for you. You can expect an increase in on-line advertising and e-mails. Start deleting your email subscriptions as soon as you are aware of the problem. Even if you happily signed up for a subscriber list, you can happily unsubscribe now.


  • Keep a journal.  A journal is a great way to get your feelings out and process what you are thinking about the holidays. It’s also a great way to record the unusual and trying year of 2020. In a few years, you may need a reminder of what has happened, or your children or grandchildren may enjoy reading it. 

Finally and most importantly….

  • !!!!DO THE HOLIDAYS YOUR WAY!!!!  Some of us will want to go BIG and decorate every last inch of our houses with candy canes and elves and fairy lights (my personal weakness). Others will want to limit the decorations and let the outside snow be enough. Particularly n North America and Europe, suggestions are strong that you practice social distancing and avoid spending meals or gatherings with people who aren’t in your daily household. Please follow these suggestions and stay healthy.

Over the next month or so, I will be giving lots of tips to create a memorable and stress-free end to 2020 so you can choose how you want to do the holidays your way! 

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